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Changing Roles

Be sure to see also the other set photos: Toying him, where the roles are changed and one female dominates the man (and the other woman).


Mistress and two slavegirls

Here is another fetish shoot showing a Mistress with two sub girls. I have had a really hard time sorting this one since different models sometimes wear the same costumes at first photos might appear to be of the same shoot. Then in time, I discover the models are not the same, this is a …


Rare Bdsm

These models appeared more often in a BDSM shoot, to get a bit more confused they change roles. See how the female in gloves is a Dominatrix in the first photo, but in the second photo one of the other two ladies is the Domme in the story. *Updated October 2, 2020


Trained Girls

In the blog Mistress and Two Slavegirls I had mixed up two shootings, so I decided to split those. For the two photos in my current blog I have not yet found more photos.


His Toys

In this shoot there is more harshness or even violence, present than in other shoots. It makes me wonder, were they trying to (re)produce a crime setting? Creating a story? *Updated August 1, 2020 with two photos. Not the best quality but due to their rare availability I decided to add them.


Lovely Threesome

These shoots were rarely done by Biederer Studio (that’s my conclusion since I have seen very little threesome love/sex shoots from them).* Updated July 29, 2020 with 3 photos


Threesome in Nature

The style for these photos is different then from most others, that’s why at first I hesitated if these were done by Biederere.


Toying Him

Two nude females teasing a tied up man. What’s interesting about this shoot is that there is also a part where roles are being changed, and the male model ties up both females.

Fetish Outdoor


When having a playful afternoon with his two girlfriends this man got caught by the law, see what happens. It shows how well the photographers knew how to play with themes that are timeless and live in all of our fantasies.