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Fetish Threesome

His Toys

In this shoot there is more harshness or even violence, present than in other shoots. It makes me wonder, were they trying to (re)produce a crime setting? Creating a story? * Updated February 21, 2021



Spanking, bondage and a cane…all in one shoot. Pay attention to the models changing roles.*Updated January 11, 2021


Music Lesson

A classical theme but so lovely captured. Being spanked during violin lesson. *Updated January 11, 2021



Some spanking photos have something special, I must admit many of the spanking photos from Biederer Studio have a subtle almost glamorous touch, but these two are my new personal favorites.The third photo is one I am not sure if it belongs to this particular shoot. Since the cape is the one thing that connects …


Surrender to me

At first I had these photos stored to the blog Chastitied. The models are the same, but in the current shoot the mistress is in lingerie, in the other shoot she is wearing a fetish outfit which gives her a more firm look as mistress.It’s interesting, why did the photographers choose to capture the same …


Mirror Spanking

This mirror appears in more shootings, I have to work my way through old posts to connect them to the mirror tag.