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This is a mixed album, so far I could not connect these photos to other shoots but like to share them with you anyway.


Sexy Schoolgirl

My husband sometimes tells me my mind is a well-sorted database for all the vintage photos (and art) I find on the web. I think he has a point since most times I know I had seen or downloaded a photo before, and throughout the years I must have done so for over thousands of …


Wash it off

I am not sure about the story that the photographers tried to tell here. Was the schoolgirl punished? Was she bullied?


Spanked Schoolgirls

This female teacher appears in a different shoot as well, that shoot focusses on one schoolgirl while in this shoot three schoolgirls get spanked.

Fetish Fine Nude

At the showers

Just see how various themes emerge, like schoolgirls, teasing, toying, humiliating even, spanking and wrestling.* Updated march 26 with one new photo


Play by the Rules

Schoolgirl spanking a schoolgirl. I had some trouble sorting this one out and got really frustrated to find again a stock photo site with a photo from this shoot all watermarked. It made me think, the beauty of my project is that I offer photos in large format, for free and without watermark. It will …



Creating small storyline like these seems like a start up to the more fetish themed photos.


Schoolgirl Punished

One of my most edited galleries since I kept finding new photos that belonged to this shoot (over a period of 5 years). To make it even more confusing I found photos with the same teacher and three students, these can be found here.


Schoolgirl Undressing

These are completely new for me, I never saw one photo from this shoot so I am really excited to be able to share this shoot with you.


Ruler Rules

I am still in the process of sorting out photos stored on my pc for which I think I had uploaded them, only to find out they were never published. So you can expect a lot of new content over the next weeks since I am planning on working my way through all these photos. …