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Shy Posing

Today is a good day, I found many photos in large format I had not yet seen before, or that allow me to replace images of a lesser quality. And then I also came across this lovely shy lady posing.


Fully Dressed

Subtile erotic shoot, with this beautiful brunette posing fully dressed, showing her stockings.


Dressed and Posing

A fully dressed model posing, these shots seem to be more rare since many shootings focused on a more erotic aspect.


First time posing

There is something in the fragileness of her posing that makes me wonder if this was her first time to pose.


Fist Pose

It’s such a great to discover a shoot with a model I did not seen before.


Rare Bondage

I have mentioned it before, some collections are brought together throughout years. I think the first photo of this series I have seen six years ago, then the second one I almost had mistaken like being the same but watch the small differences. She is wearing gloves in two of the three photos. I am …