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Spanked before bed

Another bedtime spanking shoot. *Updated November 12, 2020 Then I also found this photo (moved to a different shoot) looks like the same models but the scene is a bit more cruel then the spanking appears to be. It made me pay more attention to the photos above, on two photos the lady being spanked …

Muse & Art

Art by Jiang Brulant

Inspired by the spanked in pajama series Jiang Brulant created this wonderful artwork. Be sure to visit this artists instagram and discover many more great spanking artworks.


Spanked in Pajama

These were one of the first spanking photos I found, showing one girl spanking another wearing a pyjama.


Before Bedtime

There are three shoots that took me forever to understand and sort out, all with ladies in pyjama, and all about spanking but every time the models were different.



Being able to find this many photos from one shoot is something that does not happen often. Like many other posts it took me years to get this one complete (and I never will know if these are all the photos from this shoot).