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Mirror Spanking

This mirror appears in more shootings, I have to work my way through old posts to connect them to the mirror tag.

Fetish Outdoor


The quality of some of these photos is not really good, I did not want to delete the poor ones though. *Updated November 15, 2020


Strict Punishment

Spanked and bondage in one shoot. Another interesting detail is the changing of roles from these models, see Bound and Punished for these photos. *Updated November 12, 2020



Domestic spanking, notice the motion for the whip. Someone mentioned to me the obvious (but overlooked by me) fact that during those days motion could not be captured in a photo. So they used theatrical tricks to make the whip appear to be moving through the air. The last photo added to this gallery might …


Spanked in Lingerie

It was quite a challenge to search and find the best quality possible for these photos. The gloves appear in different shoots, the lingerie looks to me like something for Diana Slip Lingerie.