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Glamour Lucette Desmoulins Models

More Lucette

Recently I saw these photos on one of the sellers on Ebay (I will pay some attention to them at a later point) and recognized the model als the lovely Lucette Desmoulins.


Lady and the Maid

Being served by a nude maid, a dream for many men and this lady got served so well. Pay attention to details like the fake cat.


Dust off

I wouldn’t mind this lovely lady helping me out so boring housekeeping tasks become much more pleasant.


Wanna Play

Such a lovely romantic shoot, it is one of my personal favorites.


Maid giving Enema

When removing photos from my other site to this blog I noticed one photo of a maid giving enema does not belong to this particular shoot. Since I was unable to find any other photos for that same shoot I will add this single photo to this post as well. Sometimes this makes it easier …