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Lonely Night

She was all alone, dressed up in lingerie, waiting for a lover who never came.


Sensual Spanking

The lingerie that is worn by the model getting spanked also appeared in a different spanking shoot.


Seducing Maid in Lingerie

When trying to see if I could create a mixed gallery with various models posing as maid I noticed in these two photos the same model appeared. So that makes a start for a new gallery, hopefully in time I can expand this.


Shy Posing

Today is a good day, I found many photos in large format I had not yet seen before, or that allow me to replace images of a lesser quality. And then I also came across this lovely shy lady posing.



Some details make it more easy to connect a photo to the photographers, like this wallpaper. Other significant details are found in furniture and decoration in rooms.

Female Friends

Seductive Afternoon

There are so many different photos featuring two ladies in lingerie, teasing and seducing each other, that it’s real hard to sort them into series. But I am moving forward on this task, see these beautiful ladies enjoying a seductive afternoon.



Various sensual views. This mixed collection shows the variety of these amazing photographers and models, how they managed to capture various themes and settings. * Update may 14, 2020



It feels as if I have seen other photos from the same model, wearing the same lingerie, but I could not find them so far.