Spanked in Lingerie

It was quite a challenge to search and find the best quality possible for these photos. The gloves appear in...

September 25, 2021

Three in Lingerie

So let’s stay one moment in this subject of beautiful vintage threesome photos. What about these three stunning ladies in...

August 22, 2021

Girl Posing

Doesn’t she look beautiful? Posing in lingerie, I hope one day I will find photos where she is wearing the...

July 14, 2021

Brunette on the bed

I had seen this brunette before, connected to a spanking shoot for which I was unsure if the photo did...

July 3, 2021

Diana Slip Lingerie

Diana Slip Lingerie was a French lingerie company from around 1930 was owned by Léon Vidal, and seemed to have...

July 3, 2021

Mixed Lingerie

Since I have so many single photos I am (yet) unable to connect to a shoot I thought it would...

April 11, 2021

Bound and Punished

There is so much to see in this shoot, the lingerie was from Diana Slip Lingerie. I focused on the...

November 26, 2020

Lonely Night

She was all alone, dressed up in lingerie, waiting for a lover who never came.

October 19, 2020