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Female Friends

Ladies in Fur

On my other blog I once went searching for arousing vintage photos from Ladies in Fur. Enjoy this two beautiful woman. *Updated August 9, 2020 with 1 photo


Dressed and Posing

A fully dressed model posing, these shots seem to be more rare since many shootings focused on a more erotic aspect.


Lucette Posing

There are those nights where I decide to quit working on the blog, and suddenly many new photos appear I had not yet stored and shared. Like these ones from Lucette Desmoulins.


Dangerous Dame

At first (July 2016) I had only found this one photo of a lady posing in front of a mirror. Years later I discovered this is (also) Lucette Desmoulins and she did not pose alone during the shoot. See the other photos from the same shoot below.


Posing in the Water

Unfortunately, I was unable to find these images without a watermark. It’s such a pity scanners feel the need to watermark works that belong to the public domain, however, I did not want to exclude these photos from my special collection here.