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Couples Fetish

Serving his Mistress

Sometimes the quality of the photos is almost too poor to share them, but these are the only ones from this FemDom shoot I managed to find so far.


Mistress in Corset

Perhaps one of the most shared photos on the web in vintage fetish photos, on every kink social media they turn up.


Spanked by Mistress in Corset

There was paid so much attention to the details when creating these shoots. Such as the corset the Dominatrix is wearing, and the gloves, the entire setting is just breathtaking.


Rare Bondage

I have mentioned it before, some collections are brought together throughout years. I think the first photo of this series I have seen six years ago, then the second one I almost had mistaken like being the same but watch the small differences. She is wearing gloves in two of the three photos. I am …


Blonde Mistress

Sometimes it is all in the details, take a look at the chastity belt the sub girl is wearing but at the same time the bondage device that was used in this shoot.


Mistress in Gloves

They are not all from the same shoot but I focused on the gloves, and sometimes I just don’t know where to add a photo 😉