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Fetish Threesome

Rare Bdsm

These models appeared more often in a BDSM shoot, to get a bit more confused they change roles. See how the female in gloves is a Dominatrix in the first photo, but in the second photo one of the other two ladies is the Domme in the story. *Updated October 2, 2020

Female Friends

Ladies in Fur

On my other blog I once went searching for arousing vintage photos from Ladies in Fur. Enjoy this two beautiful woman. *Updated August 9, 2020 with 1 photo


Glove Spanking

Some photos almost get lost in my archives, like these two. Who knows in the future I will discover more from the same shoot.


Spanked in Lingerie

It was quite a challenge to search and find the best quality possible for these photos. The gloves appear in different shoots, the lingerie looks to me like something for Diana Slip Lingerie.



Another rare finding. I have to search for the other ones from the same shoot (guessing that there is more)