The photo with the model in ropes was stored in a mixed album and when seeing the second one I knew I had seen these two models before. Luckily I found them so I could combine these in a new gallery.

Rare Corset

You have to take a close look to these two photos. In the first photo the brunette is wearing the striped corset, in the second photo the mistress from the first photo (at least that is what I think) wears the white striped corset, the brunette wears a different outfit. Some mention these photos are …


For once I will make an exception to share a single photo. It’s just too rare and beautiful to keep to myself. * updated march 27 with one more photo I found. The Dominatrix in this photo also appears in the shoot Mistress at work, as submissive she makes her appearance here.

Dark Mistress

Some photos dwell, find their way to this site, get removed when I am in doubt about the models and then find their way to the site back again. Like this dark-haired Mistress and her blonde slavegirl (who appears as Mistress in another post)