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I am not sure to which shoot these two photos can be connected. There are various shoots with a female sub forced into chastity belt, but these are other models to my knowledge.


Chains & Chastity

Mixed portfolio with photographs around the theme of chains and chastity belts. *Updated January 11, 2021



Mistress forcing her slavegirl into a chastity belt. The same models appear in a different shoot, the mistress is wearing lingerie and it has a more subtile bdsm vibe. *Updated September 14, 2020


Dark Mistress

Some photos dwell, find their way to this site, get removed when I am in doubt about the models and then find their way to the site back again. Like this dark-haired Mistress and her blonde slavegirl (who appears as Mistress in another post)


Blonde Mistress

Sometimes it is all in the details, take a look at the chastity belt the sub girl is wearing but at the same time the bondage device that was used in this shoot.