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Mistress forcing her slavegirl into a chastity belt. The same models appear in a different shoot, the mistress is wearing lingerie and it has a more subtile bdsm vibe. *Updated September 14, 2020

Fetish Threesome

His Toys

In this shoot there is more harshness or even violence, present than in other shoots. It makes me wonder, were they trying to (re)produce a crime setting? Creating a story? *Updated August 1, 2020 with two photos. Not the best quality but due to their rare availability I decided to add them.


Chained Girls

Two nude sub girls in chains, with markings. These were very often painted on the body, by some photos I even get the idea they were added at a later point. The markings do make me curious since they don’t really seem to be related to this shoot, so perhaps the models did more shoots …



For once I will make an exception to share a single photo. It’s just too rare and beautiful to keep to myself. * updated march 27 with one more photo I found. The Dominatrix in this photo also appears in the shoot Mistress at work, as submissive she makes her appearance here.


Dark Mistress

Some photos dwell, find their way to this site, get removed when I am in doubt about the models and then find their way to the site back again. Like this dark-haired Mistress and her blonde slavegirl (who appears as Mistress in another post)



Another rare finding. I have to search for the other ones from the same shoot (guessing that there is more)