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I am not sure to which shoot these two photos can be connected. There are various shoots with a female sub forced into chastity belt, but these are other models to my knowledge.


Chained Girls

Two nude sub girls in chains, with markings. These were very often painted on the body, by some photos I even get the idea they were added at a later point. The markings do make me curious since they don’t really seem to be related to this shoot, so perhaps the models did more shoots …

Fetish Threesome

His Toys

In this shoot there is more harshness or even violence, present than in other shoots. It makes me wonder, were they trying to (re)produce a crime setting? Creating a story? * Updated February 21, 2021


Chains & Chastity

Mixed portfolio with photographs around the theme of chains and chastity belts. *Updated January 11, 2021


Spanked before bed

Another bedtime spanking shoot. *Updated November 12, 2020 Then I also found this photo (moved to a different shoot) looks like the same models but the scene is a bit more cruel then the spanking appears to be. It made me pay more attention to the photos above, on two photos the lady being spanked …