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Rare Corset

You have to take a close look to these two photos. In the first photo the brunette is wearing the striped corset, in the second photo the mistress from the first photo (at least that is what I think) wears the white striped corset, the brunette wears a different outfit. Some mention these photos are …


Bound and Punished

There is so much to see in this shoot, the lingerie was from Diana Slip Lingerie. I focused on the underwear to discover not all photos are from the same shoot. It dazzled me for quite some time, and whenever I thought I had sort it out a new photo pops up (thanks to a …


Fetish Lingerie

These are the only two photos I could find so far featuring the lady in the fetish lingerie, also pay attention to the boots. The fetish top/shirt also appeared in this shoot.

Couples Fetish

Serving his Mistress

Sometimes the quality of the photos is almost too poor to share them, but these are the only ones from this FemDom shoot I managed to find so far.


Mistress in Corset

Perhaps one of the most shared photos on the web in vintage fetish photos, on every kink social media they turn up.