A few weeks ago a friendly fan of the page informed me about some research he had done on my site. He was a little ahead of me with connecting different shoots to the same model. I am still working on a way to name these anonymous models in a respectful way. Just to give them a name feels wrong, and I can’t create a database with various females referred to as ‘anonymous’. So that is something I have to wrap my mind about.

In the blog Cartrouble you can see various females posing as damsels in distress with a car that broke down. With help of this fan I can add multiple shoots (so thank you a lot for helping me out here) with different models.
These will find their way to the site over the next days or weeks.

Here is a first one to start with, you might perhaps know this model from the shoot At the Haystack, and At the Haystack again.

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