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A few weeks ago a friendly fan of the page informed me about some research he had done on my site. He was a little ahead of me with connecting different shoots to the same model. I am still working on a way to name these anonymous models in a respectful way. Just to give them a name feels wrong, and I can’t create a database with various females referred to as ‘anonymous’. So that is something I have to wrap my mind about.

In the blog Cartrouble you can see various females posing as damsels in distress with a car that broke down. With help of this fan I can add multiple shoots (so thank you a lot for helping me out here) with different models.
These will find their way to the site over the next days or weeks.

Here is a first one to start with, you might perhaps know this model from the shoot At the Haystack, and At the Haystack again.


Curator for Biederer Studio, to preserve legacy, art and knowledge for photographers Jacques and Charles Biederer
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