Recently I discovered an artwork inspired by one of the photos from Biederer Studio. Luckily I was able to find out who the artist was, so let me introduce Samarel.

H. Samarel is a digital erotic artist known for his distinctive style and erotically charged images of women and human sexuality. Samarel’s work draws heavily on the influences of Salvador Dali and H.R. Giger, which have contributed to the formation of his unique and vibrant style.

Through expert photo manipulations, Samarel balances soft erotica and hardcore ethereal images, to create his self-termed “Artcore” dreamscapes. His digital art giclees have been described as a thoughtful combination of artistic talent and technical skill.
Be sure to visit Samarel Erotic Art, you can also find this artist on Instagram and Facebook.

A word from the artist:
I learn from my audience, I move them with my art. I create a sexual energy that ‘talks’ to them. This is the highest compliment I could ever ask for.

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