Various Dominatrixes

There must have been a good market to sell fetish postcards, and it should have been a very risque business producing these since it was considered illegal (as it still is in so many countries) to explore fetish sexual desires, let alone pose and produce for these fetish themes. For some of these photos, I …


Couples in Love

Couples posing in romantic settings, and sometimes even a bit more naughty, is a theme Biederer understood well. There are many different collections, in different settings and themes, with different models. Since it takes a lot of time to connect all of those to a single shoot you will have to be patient with me …

Fine Nude

A little Shy

With some photos it is so very hard to put together the ones that are of the same model, it is like putting a puzzle together but you never receive all the pieces at one time. So every now and then I have to browse all my collections to see if I can put some …


Ladies Posing

Different ladies posing, in lingerie or nude. Just think about it, see how many different ladies are presented in this gallery? And then I had shared even more different ladies in my posts before. And for none of this woman who posed for Jacques and Charles Biederer is there any info to be found. They …



This shoot had always fascinated me. If I had to guess I would say the photographer was the younger brother Charles, but I have no references at all that can confirm this so it remains a guess and a mystery 🙂