Sexy Schoolgirl

My husband sometimes tells me my mind is a well-sorted database for all the vintage photos (and art) I find on the web. I think he has a point since most times I know I had seen or downloaded a photo before, and throughout the years I must have done so for over thousands of …


Seducing Maid in Lingerie

When trying to see if I could create a mixed gallery with various models posing as maid I noticed in these two photos the same model appeared. So that makes a start for a new gallery, hopefully in time I can expand this.

Muse & Art

Art by Jiang Brulant

Inspired by the spanked in pajama series Jiang Brulant created this wonderful artwork. Be sure to visit this artists instagram and discover many more great spanking artworks.

Female Friends

Ladies in Fur

On my other blog I once went searching for arousing vintage photos from Ladies in Fur. Enjoy this two beautiful woman. *Updated August 9, 2020 with 1 photo

Couples Outdoor

I am All Yours

Outdoor romance, what I love in this shoot is the fact that the female is completely nude while the man stays fully clothed. Her behavior also shows a submission, which makes the shoot even more beautiful.


Couple Movement

There are those photos that really are challenging to sort out and bring back to the original shoots, especially when the photos are not numbered.


Trained Girls

In the blog Mistress and Two Slavegirls I had mixed up two shootings, so I decided to split those. For the two photos in my current blog I have not yet found more photos.