Mixed Spanking

In my archives I have various spanking photos for which I did not yet find more from the same shoot. I spent months trying to sort them out, connect them to a shoot if I found one more. Some are confusing because different models wear the same outfits. I decided to put all of them …


Bound and Spanked

One of those series that can make my day, I almost never have seen photos from this shoot and after collecting photos from Ostra Studio for over ten years it can be such a surprise to discover photos like these.* Updated april 8, 2020 – one new photo


Spanking Pilar

Getting bound, dominated and spanked. This shoot is a bit confusing and I had my doubts if they were all from the same shoot. The models seem to have switched roles.* Updated april 8, 2020 – one new photo and replaced a small one with better version


Blonde Spanking

These are one of those photos that kept me busy for quite some time, I got confused by the dress, the blonde female, every time when I looked closely the photos were different and not from the same shoot, only those two I was able to connect. * Updated april 8, 2020 – added one …

Fetish Outdoor

Spanked outside

The quality is not that good but I know I had seen one photo with this outside spanking scene before, and today I found two so enough to create a gallery. * Updated April 6, 2020 with a third photo where the roles are changed.



Domestic spanking, notice the motion for the whip. Someone mentioned to me the obvious (but overlooked by me) fact that during those days motion could not be captured in a photo. So they used theatrical tricks to make the whip appear to be moving through the air.* Updated April 6, 2020 with two more photos


Spanked Schoolgirls

This female teacher appears in a different shoot as well, that shoot focusses on one schoolgirl while in this shoot three schoolgirls get spanked.


Lovely Threesome

These shoots were rarely done by Biederer Studio (that’s my conclusion since I have seen very little threesome love/sex shoots from them).


Lace and Whip

Sometimes it can get really confusing trying to build this collection in a way there is still some oversight. I was quite sure these two photos already had found their way to a gallery only to discover it was all in my head 😉