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Domestic spanking, notice the motion for the whip. Someone mentioned to me the obvious (but overlooked by me) fact that during those days motion could not be captured in a photo. So they used theatrical tricks to make the whip appear to be moving through the air.

The last photo added to this gallery might belong to a different shoot.The mistress seems the same but I am uncertain about the model.
* Updated November 2, 2020 with one photos


Curator for Biederer Studio, to preserve legacy, art and knowledge for photographers Jacques and Charles Biederer
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The martinet is truly a peerless implement – visually, it seems to embody an unparalleled degree of elegance and, quite like the birch, its impact is less cutting than the cane, spreading instead such an intoxicating glow across the entire target area.

These sumptuously sublime images capture the martinet’s warmth and finesse to perfection!