Lucette Desmoulins

Some time ago I discovered there is one of the many models who posed for Jacques and Charles Biederer known. Lucette Desmoulins, an actress known for a few movies:
Le bossu (1934), Un soir de réveillon (1933) and 77 rue Chalgrin (1931)

She also appeared in musicals:
Ma Femme (1927), Flossie (1929), Arsène Lupin, banquier (1930), Un soir de réveillon (1932), Loulou et ses boys (1933)
(see also this link)

It is likely I have a lot of photos from her stored here, it takes too much time to sort those out (all over again, since I have done this many times throughout the years for several themes and series) so I have chosen to walk a different path and just share a collection photos I know for sure are from Lucette and photographed by the Biederer Brothers.

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