Diana Slip Lingerie

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Diana Slip Lingerie was a French lingerie company from around 1930 was owned by Léon Vidal, and seemed to have been started by Yva Richard who sold his company to Diana Slip in 1920 (since he wanted to focus on his photography more).
The company however was much more then just a lingerie company. They made and sold fetish wear, erotic books, erotic and fetish photography and condoms. Also they established the Librarie de la Lune, most likely a pornographic reading room. Besides all this they produced illustrated catalogs and magazines such as Lingerie Libertines and the Parish Magazine.

Jacques Biederer produced a few of the photos for Diana Slip Lingerie. It was quite a job to sort them out but I think I managed.

Updated Julu 3, 2021


Curator for Biederer Studio, to preserve legacy, art and knowledge for photographers Jacques and Charles Biederer
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