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Feeding Swans

This could have been me πŸ™‚ getting enthusiastic when swans are eating out of my hand. This model also appeared in this outdoor shoot.

Fetish Outdoor

Tied to the Tree

For these two photos I can say for sure they come from the same shoot, the other outdoor bondage photos could be as well but I am not sure.


Threesome in Nature

The style for these photos is different then from most others, that’s why at first I hesitated if these were done by Biederere.


Unwanted Visitor

The rare shoots where a scene was created are one of my favorites from Biederer Studio. Like this one, the unwanted visitor no lovemaking couple want to have around when making love in nature. It does show some resemblance with A day in the Woods.


Posing in the Water

Unfortunately, I was unable to find these images without a watermark. It’s such a pity scanners feel the need to watermark works that belong to the public domain, however, I did not want to exclude these photos from my special collection here.