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A few weeks ago a friendly fan of the page informed me about some research he had done on my site. He was a little ahead of me with connecting different shoots to the same model. I am still working on a way to name these anonymous models in a respectful way. Just to give …

Couples Outdoor

I am All Yours

Outdoor romance, what I love in this shoot is the fact that the female is completely nude while the man stays fully clothed. Her behavior also shows a submission, which makes the shoot even more beautiful.

Fetish Outdoor

Dominated Outdoors

It is a fascinating shoot, so far I only found these two photos with a strict looking Dominatrix dominating her female sub in the woods.


Being Watched

So here was a new challenge for me….the photo on the left I found some weeks ago and shared on the Facebook page, I was sure I had seen more of the same shoot before but had nothing stored on my computer. Just now I stumbled upon the photo on the right…. I am sure …

Fetish Outdoor

Spanked outside

The quality is not that good but I know I had seen one photo with this outside spanking scene before, and today I found two so enough to create a gallery. * Updated July 27, 2020 with a fourth photo.


Feeding Swans

This could have been me 🙂 getting enthusiastic when swans are eating out of my hand. This model also appeared in this outdoor shoot.

Fetish Outdoor

Tied to the Tree

For these two photos I can say for sure they come from the same shoot, the other outdoor bondage photos could be as well but I am not sure.