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Long Hair

Such a lovely young female with long hair posing in a swimsuit (I guess).


Dressed and Posing

A fully dressed model posing, these shots seem to be more rare since many shootings focused on a more erotic aspect.


First time posing

There is something in the fragileness of her posing that makes me wonder if this was her first time to pose.


Her gift to you

Doesn’t she look adorable, presenting a gift wearing lingerie and holding a sun umbrella.


Dangerous Game

A different them, I have not seen many photos like for this theme one by the photographers. * March 31, 2020 – updated with three photos


Fist Pose

It’s such a great to discover a shoot with a model I did not seen before.



Creating small storyline like these seems like a start up to the more fetish themed photos.


Lucette Posing

There are those nights where I decide to quit working on the blog, and suddenly many new photos appear I had not yet stored and shared. Like these ones from Lucette Desmoulins.

Glamour Lucette Desmoulins Models

More Lucette

Recently I saw these photos on one of the sellers on Ebay (I will pay some attention to them at a later point) and recognized the model als the lovely Lucette Desmoulins.