Hide and Seek

Currently I am trying to sort out a mixed collection Ladies in Lingerie to see if I can create sets. And lucky me, I could connect these images. By the way, do you like this site? (which I think is...


For these two photos I am not sure if they are the same model, the one thing the two photos have in common is the bed. And then I found a third one 😉 *Updated August 29, 2021

Diana Slip Lingerie

Diana Slip Lingerie was a French lingerie company from around 1930 was owned by Léon Vidal, and seemed to have been started by Yva Richard who sold his company to Diana Slip in 1920 (since he wanted to focus on...

Sexy Mothers

Those who are familiar with photos from Biederer Studio know that they explored many erotic and arousing themes. Like sexy looking mothers in this shoot perhaps?