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Naughty at School

This was a different type of naughty schoolgirls since they mostly photographed schoolgirls either spanking each other or getting spanked. Perhaps this shoot was the first step that led to the other more daring photos.

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Posing Nude

Another mixed collection with various young ladies posing in nude, or lingerie.

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Nude for the Camera

Who was she? Why did she pose? It looks like she had a lot of fun, there should be more but so far you will have to do it with just these two, but nice, photographs.

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Nude Ladies

Some more different ladies who posed nude for Jacques and Charles Biederer. Be sure to also view Ladies Posing.

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A little Shy

With some photos it is so very hard to put together the ones that are of the same model, it is like putting a puzzle together but you never receive all the pieces at one time. So every now and then I have to browse all my collections to see if I can put some …