Chained Girls

Two nude sub girls in chains, with markings. These were very often painted on the body, by some photos I even get the idea they were added at a later point. The markings do make me curious since they don’t really seem to be related to this shoot, so perhaps the models did more shoots …

His Toys

In this shoot there is more harshness or even violence, present than in other shoots. It makes me wonder, were they trying to (re)produce a crime setting? Creating a story? * Updated February 21, 2021

Rare Corset

You have to take a close look to these two photos. In the first photo the brunette is wearing the striped corset, in the second photo the mistress from the first photo (at least that is what I think) wears the white striped corset, the brunette wears a different outfit. Some mention these photos are …


Some spanking photos have something special, I must admit many of the spanking photos from Biederer Studio have a subtle almost glamorous touch, but these two are my new personal favorites.The third photo is one I am not sure if it belongs to this particular shoot. Since the cape is the one thing that connects …


It’s not easy being young, fully naked and dominated by a strict Dominatrix. Sometimes tears are involved. Enjoy this roleplay I had not seen before.