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When sorting out photos for my other blog I found a shoot I had not yet shared here. Yes I know we live in a society where smoking is considered not healthy, I share the photos because there are those who find it arousing to see a sexy lady (or man) smoking. It is even …


Chained Girls

Two nude sub girls in chains, with markings. These were very often painted on the body, by some photos I even get the idea they were added at a later point. The markings do make me curious since they don’t really seem to be related to this shoot, so perhaps the models did more shoots …



Photos from this shoot are shared worldwide but almost never as a full shoot. I know the quality is not that best, that’s the choice I sometimes have to make. This time I decided more photos from this shoot have a larger value then only sharing the single ones that are in acceptable quality.* Updated …


Spanking Afternoon

When sorting out my gallery mixed spankings I found these two and discovered they were not yet online. So enjoy them 🙂


Mixed Spanking

In my archives I have various spanking photos for which I did not yet find more from the same shoot. I spent months trying to sort them out, connect them to a shoot if I found one more. Some are confusing because different models wear the same outfits. I decided to put all of them …


Bound and Spanked

One of those series that can make my day, I almost never have seen photos from this shoot and after collecting photos from Ostra Studio for over ten years it can be such a surprise to discover photos like these.* Updated april 8, 2020 – one new photo


Spanking Pilar

Getting bound, dominated and spanked. This shoot is a bit confusing and I had my doubts if they were all from the same shoot. The models seem to have switched roles.* Updated april 8, 2020 – one new photo and replaced a small one with better version


Blonde Spanking

These are one of those photos that kept me busy for quite some time, I got confused by the dress, the blonde female, every time when I looked closely the photos were different and not from the same shoot, only those two I was able to connect. * Updated april 8, 2020 – added one …

Fetish Outdoor

Spanked outside

The quality is not that good but I know I had seen one photo with this outside spanking scene before, and today I found two so enough to create a gallery. * Updated April 6, 2020 with a third photo where the roles are changed.