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Couples Outdoor

I am All Yours

Outdoor romance, what I love in this shoot is the fact that the female is completely nude while the man stays fully clothed. Her behavior also shows a submission, which makes the shoot even more beautiful.


Couple Movement

There are those photos that really are challenging to sort out and bring back to the original shoots, especially when the photos are not numbered.

Couples Fine Nude

A different Dance

At first, this one might seem like the same shoot as I shared before Couple Naked, but looking closely it looks like the female is a different model, the man is wearing black underwear and the numbers on the photos are from a different series than in the other shoot. That’s why I decided to …


Dangerous Dame

At first (July 2016) I had only found this one photo of a lady posing in front of a mirror. Years later I discovered this is (also) Lucette Desmoulins and she did not pose alone during the shoot. See the other photos from the same shoot below.


Lazy Afternoon

How lovely they look, and how in love they appear to be. I have a feeling the photographers really understood how to reach their audience by doing shoots like this.