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Mistress forcing her slavegirl into a chastity belt. *Updated September 14, 2020

Muse & Art


Recently I discovered an artwork inspired by one of the photos from Biederer Studio. Luckily I was able to find out who the artist was, so let me introduce Samarel. H. Samarel is a digital erotic artist known for his distinctive style and erotically charged images of women and human sexuality. Samarel’s work draws heavily …

Modern Postcards

Free Postcards

Every now and then I like to create modern postcards using the photos from Biederer Studio. These can be downloaded freely, you can upload them to your own printing service. If you like this gesture please consider supporting me via Buy me a Coffee.


She loves to Spank

Sorting out the spanking photos seems to be one of these tasks that is never done. Luckily I love to see a erotic and sensual spanking photo so I am not complaining. Enjoy this serie, so far I found three that belong to the same shoot.



A few weeks ago a friendly fan of the page informed me about some research he had done on my site. He was a little ahead of me with connecting different shoots to the same model. I am still working on a way to name these anonymous models in a respectful way. Just to give …


Strict Punishment

Spanked and bondage in one shoot. Another interesting detail is the changing of roles from these models, see Bound and Punished for these photos.