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Books for Sale

The best known book is of course Les Editions Ostra by Alexandre Dupouy. You can buy it directly from his site, I can also recommend browsing the web since the book is offered by various sellers these days. There is also an ebook I don’t recommend, Paris Sex Underground with 60 photos. I downloaded it …


Unique Art for Sale

Every now and then I like to create postcards like prints with photos from Biederer Studio. Unfortunately my old collection was lost so I had to start all over. Here are my first three creations, to see products and prices click the art.

Antique Prints

For Sale

On Ebay many photos from Biederer Studio are offered for sale. Many of these via auction and it is too time consuming to sort these out every week. So I have provided a dynamic feed that shows what is for sale right now, these are from different sellers.