About Biederer Studio

The Biederer Studio aka Studio Biederer was one of the main producers of high quality erotic and fetish photography in Paris in the years between the two world wars. Their photographs explored sensational, explicit, and often ironic fantasies that pushed the boundaries of accepted sexuality. In 1908 Jacques Biederer, a Czech immigrant moved to Paris and set up a photography studio.
The studio was sheltered in a discreet workshop with hall dancers and Parisian prostitutes modeling for the images.
He was joined by his brother Charles in 1913 who helped him run the studio.
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Schoolgirls Mixed

This mixed album shows photos I could not connect to a shoot (yet). Most times these photos remain in my...

August 30, 2021

Bdsm Mixed

Some photos I had not been able to connect to a shoot.

August 30, 2021

Ballet Lesson

One of these photos was one of the very first photos from Ostra Studio I noticed. I immediately had fallen...

August 29, 2021

A Birching

I feel this shoot is connected to my previous post, could very well be the same models. It is mentioned...

August 28, 2021

Ready for the Whip

What makes this shoot special is the choice that was made to create a sexy outfit for the Dominatrix. Something...

August 28, 2021


Sorting out all these different schoolgirls photos seems like a task that is never finished. But tonight I was able...

August 28, 2021

Spanked in Lingerie

It was quite a challenge to search and find the best quality possible for these photos. The gloves appear in...

August 27, 2021

Three in Lingerie

So let’s stay one moment in this subject of beautiful vintage threesome photos. What about these three stunning ladies in...

August 22, 2021


So far I only found two photos with this spiked harness. And then in august 2021 I found this FemDom...

August 21, 2021