These are the only two photos I could find, the same model wearing this outfit also appears in a FemDom...

January 16, 2022


So far I only found two photos with this spiked harness. And then in august 2021 I found this FemDom...

January 11, 2022

Glove Spanking

“Some photos almost get lost in my archives, like these ones. Who knows in the future I will discover more...

January 5, 2022

Old FemDom

Due to the poor quality I had my doubts uploading these, but they do add such a great value to...

December 31, 2021

More Pajama Spanking

It is always very nice when someone shares photos from Biederer Studio they feel I did not yet upload to...

December 31, 2021

Before Bedtime

There are three shoots that took me forever to understand and sort out, all with ladies in pyjama, and all...

December 30, 2021

The Stairwell

One of the typical elements that learned me to define photos as being from Biederer Studio was this beautiful stairwell....

December 29, 2021

Spanked at the Stairwell

Some shoots take me years to collect, I had finished this one last year and then yesterday I came across...

December 28, 2021

Cold Winters

So I was sure I had shared these already but when browsing the site I could not find them (if...

November 21, 2021