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Inspired Artists

Recently I found two artworks that reminded me of a photo from Biederer Studio, taken for Diana Slip Company. Both artists are unknown, if anyone has information please contact me.


Chained Girls

Two nude sub girls in chains, with markings. These were very often painted on the body, by some photos I even get the idea they were added at a later point. The markings do make me curious since they don’t really seem to be related to this shoot, so perhaps the models did more shoots …



Photos from this shoot are shared worldwide but almost never as a full shoot. I know the quality is not that best, that’s the choice I sometimes have to make. This time I decided more photos from this shoot have a larger value then only sharing the single ones that are in acceptable quality.* Updated …


Mixed Spanking

In my archives I have various spanking photos for which I did not yet find more from the same shoot. I spent months trying to sort them out, connect them to a shoot if I found one more. Some are confusing because different models wear the same outfits. I decided to put all of them …


Bound and Spanked

One of those series that can make my day, I almost never have seen photos from this shoot and after collecting photos from Ostra Studio for over ten years it can be such a surprise to discover photos like these.* Updated april 8, 2020 – one new photo